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Our FAQ page should have most of the answers regarding the use and care of AlphaCAT accessories, plus information on shipping and delivery.

Use and Care of AlphaCAT Smoking Accessories

AlphaPuff Kit 

How do I clean the glass stems?

  • We provide one pipe cleaning tool with each purchase. We recommend soaking your glass stems in water with baking soda, or other natural, effervescent type products. 

What do I do if my glass stems become clogged? 

  • Clean it. It's best to allow the glass stem to soak in a gentle solution (as explained above) and once soaking is complete, clean it with the pipe cleaner. 

How do I clean my AlphaPuff Kit? 

  • The AlphaPuff Kit can be disassembled and cleaned by hand washing or in the dishwasher. However, be smart! The TurboTorch lighter which comes in your AlphaPuff Kit should not be immersed in water.  Also, don't forget to remove your papers & filters from their storage areas before washing. 

    How much aromatic material can I store in the storage area?

    • Roughly from 1 - 5 grams of aromatic material, depending on the density and kind of material you're storing.

    What bottles will my AlphaPuff Kit mouth piece fit on? 

    • The AlphaPuff Kit  are intended to fit all "international bottle" sized openings. These types of bottles (for water, beer, soft drinks, etc) are 2.5 inches in diameter or 63.5 millimetres. You can use glass or plastic bottles of this size dimension. It's important to note, one of the benefits of the AlphaPuff Kit is the packaging itself assembles to create an all in one, self contained water pipe, so you don't need to worry about finding a bottle. 


    • Note, for safety purposes, all torches do not come pre-filled with lighter fluid. Please make certain to fill your torch prior to use. 

    Shipping and Handling 

    How long should it take for me to receive my order?  

    • Shipping time will be between 2-6 days, you will receive a tracking number once your item was sent.

    Return policy:

    we will accept most returns for merchandise in new, unused, and undamaged condition within 30 days from delivery date. The returned merchandise must be in its Original Condition, original packaging and accompanied by proof of purchase and warranty; otherwise the return will not be honored.  If return is defective or error appears to be made by us, we will issue a full refund for the merchandise and shipping charges. Customers will be responsible for all return shipping charges, unless there was an error made by Smart Bargains.
    Please note, any item(s) returned after 30 days from confirmed delivery are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Purchases become final sales after 60 days from confirmed delivery date and are no longer eligible for return or refund or you will be charged a restock fee depending on the condition.

    Were these answers helpful? If you have a question that is not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us

    Main office: 164 Cheetham Hill Road, Manchester, M8 8LQ. UK